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Job Description

This full-time position suits someone with a good analytical mind and great attention to detail. Engineering and Accounting background would be ideal. This is your opportunity to be the ‘Fountain of all Knowledge’—to be revered and respected for the knowledge you will possess.


In this role, you will be able to crunch numbers and analyze tax laws and legislation to come up with strategies to help clients maximize wealth, reduce tax and plan for the future.

What is a paraplanner and what do they do?

A paraplanner is a person who works with a Financial Planner and completes a number of non-client-facing tasks involved in preparing a Financial Plan/ Strategy for a client.

Initially, you will be employed as a Paraplanning Assistant/ Compliance Checker working with our experienced team of Paraplanners to provide quality checking of strategy documents and to assist them in their role as you learn the ropes.

You will then have the opportunity to move into the paraplanning role and will be responsible for the provision of strategic input to produce financial plans using financial planning software.

The Core financial planning skills that are required are:
  • Excellent report-writing skills
  • High attention to detail
  • Ability to analyze data and run scenarios
  • Good understanding of compliance issues
  • Above average time management skills
  • Advanced understanding of Word and Excel software
  • Excellent interpersonal and IT skillsWe are looking for a group of bright and talented people who are willing to undergo an intensive training and education program that we will provide. Being a Paraplanner requires a formal Australian accreditation.
Enhance Team and Culture
  • Be team oriented and foster that culture with others
    • Live the VBP values daily, with a focus on continual improvement
    • WOW internal (teammates) and external (clients) while building and fostering solid relationships
    • Focus on the win/win, and always try to understand perspectives that are different than your own
What you need to bring to the table
  • Degree in Accounting/Engineering/ Finance/ Commerce (highly regarded)
  • Experience in doing process audits or compliance checking
  • Demonstrate from your prior experience your ability to meet and exceed individual productivity targets while ensuring service standards are met
  • Experience preparing documents or reports
  • Ability to interact (both verbally and written form) effectively with clients (planners from the land down under)
  • Experience with and good working knowledge of various tax structure (highly regarded)
  • Experience in using financial planning software (highly regarded)
  • Ability to be cool under pressure, warm with your colleagues and able to think on your feet

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