Back Office Positions

We have plenty of career opportunities for you because the company is expanding rapidly. Bring your passion and expertise to VBP. Contribute to the unique culture and great work environment that we are known for. Above all, engage in a more qualitative relationship with clients and be indispensable to them.

Financial Planning Assistant

The goal as a Financial Planning Assistant (FPA) is to become indispensable to our clients. You are expected to be keen to details, have quick turnaround time, and being proactive to client requirements.

Financial Strategist (Paraplanning)

In this role, you will analyze numbers with tax laws and legislation. Consequently, you are expected to come up with strategies to help clients manage their finances.

Client Services Manager (Team Lead)

We are looking for an experienced team leader (CSM) to manage a team and provide effective guidance and create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture.