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We are looking for energetic, organized and client-focused people to join our team.

What You Must Learn

We hate the word "Shift"

We hate the word “shift”. At VBP there is no such thing as a “shift”. You work during the day, Monday to Friday, like regular employees do.

Clients are not Customers

A customer is simply a recipient of products or services. A client is engaged in a more qualitative relationship. We build solid and long term relationships with our dedicated clients, not deal with thousands of frustrated customers!

Everyone’s Opinions Matter

This is not a job where you come to work to get told what to do or say. Scripts? Definitely not! Here, you’ll be challenged to help clients find better ways and improve processes, and be a part of our business growth.

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What Our People Say

Israel Ballena

“What I appreciate the most is that I get all the support I need from my colleagues and from the CSMs not just to do my work but also to excel as a person. I love how each person’s opinion is valued in the office and how VBP encourages growth in terms of just being able to know your limitations and getting the right support and help you need for you to improve.”

Leo Infante

“VBP Culture is a culture of shared acceptance of other people’s uniqueness with a common passionate drive to help one another to do more for the success of the team. VBP Culture is a culture of shared acceptance of other people’s uniqueness with a common passionate drive to help one another to do more for the success of the team.”

Charles Noven Castillo

“VBP Culture is achieving unity despite individual differences – employees and management treat each other as family working together towards common goal. Our culture is very effective in motivating people to do/give more without even knowing.”

Rutchel Brookes

“VBP Culture for me is a culture where everyone can be themselves, a culture that makes us feel one. One word to describe it “FAMILY”. VBP treats every individual as a person and not a money making robot. I love the fact that everyone helps each other. The fact that you don’t need to put a mask on coming to work, a place where you can be happy working.”

Tats Denniel Samson

“VBP Culture is being able to extend your hand to your co-employees who are in need. They will entertain you even if it entails them to stop what they are doing just to be able to guide you in fulfilling your task. In conclusion, I’ve seen that there is unity among employees within VBP which resembles a family that is always there to guide you.”

Shairah Bacus

“For me, the VBP Culture is not leaving someone else behind, helping each other out like what families do. It does not only concentrate on what the owner’s profit would be but also considers the total well-being of its employees and their employee’s families.”

Kisyannah Romero

“For me, the VBP culture is unique and it definitely lets you be yourself without any judgements. Only here in VBP have I truly known how far I can go.”

Barbara Jabello

“VBP culture is one of my work motivations. Company activities makes me want to interact people often and enjoy work and life even better which other companies don’t have. I’m proud being part of VBP family.”

Riga Tablada

“What I like about VBP is, I can be myself and I am confident to go to work everyday.

The relationship we share in the team is not an “ordinary workmates” but a FAMILY. At the end of each day, I can feel a sense of fulfillment of the things that I have accomplished.”

Edwin Pescadero Jr.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” -Steve Jobs

I wished that someday I would be able to do what I love and so I never settled and kept looking. And thank God I found VBP.”

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VBP as finalist for SME Company of the Year 2017

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